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Le Cèdre Menu

Dinner Menu


︎ for 2 persons - 7 dishes
CHF 77.50

︎ for 3 persons - 10 dishes
CHF 115.90

︎ for 4 persons - 14 dishes
CHF 149.50


for 5 persons - 18 dishes
with a very special variety
CHF 189.50

1001 NACHT

for 6 persons - 25 dishes
includes one plate of Lebanese baklawa
and one plate of exotic fruits
with six coffee or tea

CHF 299.50

on request with grilled lamb, kafta or chicken
CHF 12.50 per skewer


Shorba bil Adas     9.50
homemade lentil soup


Hommos bi Tahina     14.50
mashed chickpeas with sesame sauce and olive oil

Hommos el Arez     14.50
mashed chickpeas with sesame sauce, lemon, olive oil and spices

Hommos Beyrouti     14.50
mashed chickpeas with lemon and fresh parsley, cold-pressed olive oil

Babaghanouj / Mtabbal Batinjen     15.50
mashed eggplant with lemon and olive oil

Tabbouleh     13.50
delicate salad with finely chopped parsley, fresh peppermint and diced tomatoes

Fattouch     20.50
diced tomatoes and cucumbers, lettuce, olive oil, lemon juice, roasted pieces of Lebanese bread

Salata al Rahib     14.50
pieces of eggplant grilled with fresh chilies

Warak Inab bil Zet     15.50
grape leaves filled with vegetables

Ardishauki     12.50
fresh artichoke with a garlic-lemon sauce

Mouhammara     14.50
walnut and pomegranate

Moussakaa     11.50
eggplant and chickpeas in a spicy tomato sauce

Makdous     13.75
pickled eggplant filled with walnuts and peppers

Bamié     12.50
okra with coriander, tomato sauce and olive oil

Labneh     13.75
homemade goat curd with peppermint and garlic

Laban ma’ Khiar     11.50
delicate yogurt with cucumber and garlic

Tajen     14.50
red perch filet with coriander and lemon-sesame sauce

Batinjen bil Laban     14.50
eggplant, yogurt and garlic


Fatayer Sbanikh     14.50
fresh spinach with tomatoes and onions baked in dough

Rakakat bil Lahmé     15.50
small deep-fried dough rolls filled with veal and pistachios

Rakakat bil Jibni     14.50
small deep-fried dough rolls filled with goat cheese and herbs

Samboussik Khudra     14.50
deep-fried filled puff pastry with seven different vegetables

Msakhan Djeij     18.50
mini pita bread filled with tender chicken and served with sumac and yogurt sauce

Safiha     14.50
minced lamb with tomatoes and pine nuts, baked in dough

Jibni bil Forn     12.50
sheep cheese with tomatoes and aromatic herbs

Best Falafel     14.50
deep-fried balls of chickpeas, fava beans and spices with sesame sauce

Sojok     20.50
small veal and lamb sausages flavored with spices and garlic

Kibbé Miklié     17.50
veal tartar mixed with cured grain, filled with pine nuts, deep-fried  

Kibbé Batata     14.50
potato dough filled with goat cheese and peppermint, deep-fried

Kibbé bil Rumman     19.50
veal tartare mixed with cured grain, filled with veal and pine nuts in pomegranate sauce

Arayess Lahmé     22.50
Lebanese bread filled with grilled minced lamb and veal, parsley and pine nuts

Arayess bil Jibni     19.50  
delicate sheep cheese with diced tomatoes and sesame, grilled in Lebanese bread

Arayess Djeij     23.50
charcoal grilled spicy chicken with garlic, cheese, lemon, pine nuts and tomatoes, in Lebanese bread

Arayess Sojok     21.50  
very spicy beef and lamb meat with tomatoes in Lebanese bread, grilled

Arayess Mjaddara     17.50
lentils grilled with olive oil in pita bread served with yogurt

Jawanih bi Thum u Cusbara     22.50
tender chicken wings grilled with garlic sauce (coriander optional) or with pomegranate sauce

Hommos bil Lahmé     21.50
mashed chickpeas with minced lamb fillet  

Hommos bil Snoubar     18.50
mashed chickpeas with pine nuts

Labneh bil Lahmé     21.50   
homemade goat curd cheese with mint, garlic and minced lamb fillet

Fatayel Ghanam bil Rumman     20.50  
tender strips of lamb fillet with pomegranate sauce or garlic sauce

Fatteh Hommos bil Laban     20.50
chickpeas, light yogurt sauce, garlic, pine nuts

Fatteh bil Batinjen     20.50
deep-fried eggplant mixed with a yogurt sauce, garlic and pine nuts, served with fried pieces of flatbread

Sauda Djeij bi Rumman     18.50  
fried chicken liver with pomegranate sauce or garlic-lemon sauce


Shish Lahmé Khishkhash     29.50
marinated Lebanese style lamb fillet (250g), served with datterini tomatoes and pepperoncini

Kafta Khishkhash     29.50
minced lamb and veal (250g) with parsley and onion, grilled on a skewer, with datterini tomatoes, pepperoncini, almonds and pine nuts

Kafta Lubnanié     28.50
minced lamb and veal with parsley and pine nuts, grilled on a skewer, sesame sauce

Shishtaouk     26.50
marinated pieces of chicken (250g) with Lebanese spices, grilled on a skewer, served
with yogurt sauce

Mashewi     32.50
3 different skewers (300g) of marinated grillage of lamb, kafta, chicken

Farrouj Mishwi – Mistkratzerli     36.50
grilled chicken (450g), marinated with garlic-lemon sauce or thyme or pomegranate sauce


Samki bi Zaatar     36.50
fillet, fried with a fruity lemon sauce                                                            
Samki Harra Traboulsié     36.50
fillet, spicy sauce with tomatoes, garlic and fresh coriander

Kraidis Kbir     36.50
giant shrimps, peeled and grilled on charcoal, with a garlic-lemon sauce     


Sheikh al Mahshi     36.50
eggplant halves stuffed with spicy beef, vegetables and datterini tomatoes with sesame sauce or yogurt sesame, roasted in the oven  

Castaletta Khishkhash     36.50
best lamb chops with fresh tomatoes, garlic, chilies and olive oil

Kabsé Sharqié     36.50
tender strips of lamb fillet with eggplant, served with oriental cashew rice and chef-style-sauce

Kibbé Kafta bil Batinjen     32.50
minced veal and beef with parsley, onion,  deep-fried eggplant, spicy sauce, datterini tomatoes, garlic, pepperoncini, olive oil and yogurt

Sheikh al Jabal     33.50
fresh eggplant halves with chickpeas, various vegetables, delicate mushrooms, served with oriental sauce


Batata Harra     8.50
golden fried potato dices with garlic and fresh coriander, spicy

French Fries     8.50
homemade with fresh potatoes

Oriental Rice     8.50
with 7 different spices

Bint al Jabal     12.50
Lebanese bread pieces filled with deep-fried eggplant, fresh herbs and chillies, grilled and served with cold yogurt sauce

Eggplant     9.50
deep-fried, with delicate sesame sauce and herbs

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